Over the years, the organizers of Pitch Americas have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses around the world grow. Now, we’re bringing one of the most exciting programs in the region to the Dominican Republic, and it’s your time to shine. Pitch Americas seeks to educate, empower and enable entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level.

How Will We Do This?

Through a series of events designed to give entrepreneurs the skills, support and exposure they need to succeed. And the best part? It’s all completely free!


The Pitch Competition


Entries close by 11:59 pm on November 5.

Entrepreneurs that submit their applications early have a small advantage because we have more time to read them.


On November 6, we will announce the top 10 ventures that will pitch to become the 2017 champion!

Throughout the boot camp you will participate in intensive business workshops, and receive one-on-one coaching and the opportunity to showcase your business in front of our experts.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Pitch Americas boot camp will take place in Santo Domingo during Global Entrepreneurship Week, with the Final Pitch taking place on Friday November 17.


Just by registering you’ll get full access to our Pitch Americas boot camp.

About Us

Kevin Vela

Founding Partner at Vela | Wood P.C

Arístides Rubio

Founder and CEO of cobroy

Startup Resources


Description: Wondering if your startup is where it should be? This infographic will walk you through the five stages a startup goes through and gives you an idea of where you should be when it comes to your startup’s product, funding, marketing, revenues, legal work, and more.

Link: http://velawoodlaw.com/vw-startup-lifecycle-infographic/


Description: Venture attorneys Kevin Vela and Aaron Terwey of Vela Wood discuss the seminal book in the startup world, “Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist” and help you navigate each step of raising capital.

Link: http://velawoodlaw.com/category/podcasts/


Description: Venture Glossary features over 500 terms that are commonly used in the startup world, from Accelerated Vesting to Zombie. This is your go-to site to help you intelligently navigate conversations, documents, and negotiations with investors or other founders.

Link: http://ventureglossary.com/


Description: This collection of thoughts and links will guide you toward producing an effective pitch deck that persuasively communicates your company and its potential to investors.

Link: http://velawoodlaw.com/whos-drafting-your-pitch-deck-blog/


No documents will be accepted via email or in any other form, format, or location before or after the deadline. The participating teams may submit their projects and deliverables for the online semi-finals in English and Spanish. Teams registering for the competition must be citizens or legal residents of the Dominican Republic. International teams can compete if one of these two parameters is met: (a) One member of the international team is a citizen of the Dominican Republic; (b) The project / business is implemented in the Dominican Republic. All team members (excluding mentors) must be between 18 and 34 years of age by 11:59 PM, November 5, 2017. Proof of age will be required for finalists. Ten finalists will be selected and notified by November 6, 2017.

Apply Now

  • Startup Application Form should include the following sections and questions:


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Why enter the Challenge?

  • Get expert support in business-critical areas: sales, marketing, finance, technology, legal and people.
  • Build connections and networks that will benefit you and your business for years to come.
  • Get international exposure and profiling for your business
  • Gain confidence and validation from business experts.


The Application Video

In the video please introduce yourselves, explain what you’re doing and why, and tell us anything else you want to about the founders or the project.

The video should be one minute long and should be uploaded to YouTube. If you don’t want other people to find it, mark it as unlisted. Don’t mark it as private or disallow embedding, or we won’t be able to see it.

The video should contain nothing except the founders talking. No screenshots or post production wizardry please; we don’t want this to turn into a video making contest. Please do not add any background music to your video.

Please do not recite a script written beforehand. Just talk spontaneously as you would to a friend. Unless you’re a good enough actor to fake spontaneity, you lose more in the stilted delivery than you gain from a more polished message. Before submitting the video, you should try playing it yourself, and check that you can hear what you’re saying.

What if I win?

Winners of the competition will get more than just bragging rights. Prizes include cash and products from our sponsors & supporters.
Even if you don’t win, you’ll get valuable contacts in US-based Venture Capital firms and expert advice on the challenges and growth opportunities for your business.

Do we need to write a business plan?

Not for us. We make funding decisions based on our application form and personal interviews. We love demos, but we never read business plans.

Why didn't you accept our application?

Strange as it may sound, the better your application was, the less likely there is to be an answer to this question. So don’t take it personally.

Can a single person apply for the competition?

Yes, but the odds of being accepted are lower. A startup is too much work for one person.

Will someone from Pitch Americas review my startup?

Unfortunately we can’t have conversations with everyone about their businesses. If you apply and we invite you to pitch we’ll certainly talk about your business with you though.

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We are Always Ready to Help You!